Q: When and where is The Pygmalion Festival?
A: September 25 – 28, 2014 and it takes place in the beautiful Midwestern college town of Champaign-Urbana, Ill.

Q: Where are the venues actually located?
A: The venues are located throughout Champaign and Urbana. For directions to any venue, please just click the name of the venue you want to find on the SCHEDULE page, and Google Maps can direct you from there.

Q: Can my band play at this year’s festival? Also, I wrote a book, can I read some of it at the Lit Fest?
A: We do not officially accept submissions to perform or read at The Pygmalion Festival. Our lineup is curated, and we hand pick all artists and authors. But we love to hear about new music and new authors, so feel free to drop us a line anyhow? Never know what could come of it, but as fair warning, keep expectations reasonable. Get us here: info@thepygmalionfestival.com

Q: Is this a multi-venue festival? Are there outdoor shows?
A: The Pygmalion Festival takes place in two definitive neighborhoods in Champaign-Urbana: The Krannert Center District in Urbana on the campus of the University of Illinois on Thursday and Friday, as well as in Downtown Champaign on Saturday and Sunday. Yes, there are outdoor shows on Saturday and Sunday.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: Bring a poncho. The festival will happen rain or shine, and we can offer no refunds for inclement weather. That’s just part of the deal. Fingers crossed, you know?

Q: We procreated by mistake. Can we bring our kids to the outdoor all ages shows?
A: Of course! Some of us made the mistake of having children as well. Children under 10 are totally free, provided that you, as an adult, have a ticket to the event. One child per adult please. Above 10 years old is a full ticket price. Kids at 10 these days understand plenty, are doing a lot more than just watching rock music, so that’s our metric.

Q: Can I just go to one or two shows, and not buy the full festival pass?
A: Absolutely. We only sell a limited number of festival passes, so a lot of our attendees just buy single show tickets.

Q: Are there age restrictions on the shows?
A: There are, in some cases. As a rule, any show INSIDE a club or bar in Urbana is 18+ and in Champaign is 19+. The outdoor shows and inside of Krannert Center are ALL AGES. Please email the festival director at info@thepygmalionfestival.com for any questions.

Q: What is the re-entry policy?
A: At Pygmalion Festival, you may exit and re-enter as many times as you please.

Q: I am coming in from out of town, where should we stay?
A: We are proud to partner with three different hotels that will be able to meet your needs.



The Hyatt Place in Downtown Champaign is brand new, and is located just a block from all of the action on Saturday and Sunday.



Wingate by Windham is located just to the north of Downtown Champaign off of the North Prospect shopping corridor.



Eastland Inn and Suites is located in the north part Urbana.


No matter your budget or your needs, one of our hotel partners will be able to help you along.

Q: Where should we eat in Champaign-Urbana?
A: We’re fortunate to have a wealth of delicious places to dine in Champaign. Refer to Smile Politely Food and Drink section for lots of reviews and ideas about what is best. We’ll also have some food trucks on site to satiate your hunger if you are just looking for a quick bite.

Q: When will the schedule be announced?
A: We’re not totally sure yet, honestly. Could be as early as July, could be as late as September. We won’t announce it until we’re sure it’s done. But, you will be able to surmise quite a bit simply by looking at which of the ticketed shows are on sale and on what date.

Q: I bought a festival pass. How do I get into the shows?
A: Easy! Just exchange the ticket you purchased for a wristband. Starting on Thursday September 25 at 12 p.m. NOON — we will have a booth inside of Krannert Center at 500 S. Goodwin Ave Urbana IL 61801. On Saturday, the Wristband pick up will be consolidated with Will Call in Downtown Champaign, just outside of the big outdoor show, just north of Main St. on Walnut St. Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter and we’ll be sure to let you know the moves.

Q: Do I have to wear the wristband the entire time?
A: Sadly, yes, that is the case. It’s a festival and so that’s part of the deal. A small inconvenience for a full weekend of amazing shows and readings and more.

Q: What is Pygmalion Lit Fest? What about The Made Fest? Do I have to buy a ticket to those separately?
A: Great questions. In 2013, Pygmalion decided to expand its horizons and partner with a few friends to start growing the scope of what Pygmalion presents to the community each year. In partnership with the Department of English at UIUC, and Ninth Letter, its literary journal, we presented the Pygmalion Lit Fest, a two day literary event featuring a broad range of award-winning and emerging authors. Developed by having been to such wonderful events like Renegade in Chicago, The Made Fest will take place on both Saturday September 27 and Sunday September 28.

Q: Hey wait, I sell awesome stuff, too? Can I be a vendor at the Made Fest?
A: It’s sure possible! Please email Justine and Alexia about submitting at info@themadefest.com

Q: What is Krannert Center? Why are they all over everything?
A: Krannert Center for the Performing Arts is the world’s leading University-based performance center. Literally. Literally, the festival would not be possible without its unending support.

Q: I work for an online magazine / radio station / blog / newspaper. Can I cover the festival?
A: Perhaps? Contact Lisa at Grandstand PR here: lisag@grandstandhq.com

Q: You haven’t really answered my question. To whom do I speak?
A: The festival founder and creative director is Seth. He will answer your question. He also wrote this FAQ. He sometimes speaks in the third person. It’s his father’s fault. Email him here: info@thepygmalionfestival.com